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Nandinis Technical Consultancy – Earn Daily Rs.4000/- To Rs.5000/- On Just Rs.50,000/- (Fifty Thousand) Investment Required, Through Our 95% Accurate Advance Intraday Trading Study.

We Provide “MCX Commodity Market, Equity Cash, Stock Future, Option, Nifty Future & Option” Advance Professional Technical Analysis Training Program.

  • Your Personal Coach.
  • Your Guide To Success.
  • Be Your Own Boss…

We were in this field of more than 15 Years of Experience. We were expertise in MCX Commodity, Equity Cash, Stock Future, Option, Nifty Future & Option Trading.

Here are some necessary things in our Advanced Technical Analysis training program.

As Follows:-

  • The right time to enter the share market.
  • When entered what should be the target taken.
  • When should be the stoploss taken.
  • Entering in such a way that our shares should not reach the stoploss .
    Only the target should be hitted.
  • To know this skill of Intraday Training you should attend our one day training program.
  • Never do daily trading in only one script. Who every does this their stoploss is out. In a month you get 2-4 chances from a script to earn and in other days if you trade your stoploss is out.
  • How to earn by receiving calls from market in a month during 2-4 calls.
  • Here is the technique where you can learn, to know where you will not receive a stoploss.
  • According to our Advance Technical Analysis you can know how to take a JACKPOT call by yourself in the market. This JACKPOT call returns the 25% back to your investment. Here you will learn to take these types of JACKPOT calls.
  • There is a lot of income in this market to earn money during trading. Have patience which is important because it will be very advantageous for you.
  • Once you attend our training program in future whenever you are trading in market you will never in loss. We promise this to you and even if before in past you had a loss you can recover this loss through our training.
  • To attend this training program you don’t need to have any type of advance knowledge.
  • Learn and become experts and see the profit you earn in the market. According to our training program you get 95% definite intraday call.
  • If you are a non resident of Pune or having any type of problem that you cannot reach us, then there is no worry you can connect with us through your online PC where we will give you the training online easily.
  • Now trade as a professional trader.
  • Earn Minimum 30% every month on your investment. We will support you through the online market.

The advantages from our training are:-

  • Brokers, Sub Brokers, Dealers, Tips Providers, Fund Managers, Policy Agents, Business men and Traders.
  • Graduated and Under Graduated.
  • Experience and Inexperienced.
  • Even housewives can do this during their flexible timings.
  • Handling your business and job you can do this trading and earn easily.
  • Knowing only the basic knowledge of computers or laptops can get trained through us and earn easily.
  • Even if you are jobless or not interested to join your family business then you can give your full time and be a professional trader under our intraday trading program.
    People who are retired and idol but knowing the basic knowledge of computers can attend our training program and earn sitting at home.

Common Mistakes

  • Not knowing who to get out of a loosing trade.
  • No trading plan & changing strategies during market hours.
  • Not able to book profit on time.
  • Lost more than 50% of your trading capital.
  • Always market come down when you buy, or market come up when you sell.
  • Don’t have any market news, so you don’t know when to buy and when to sell.
  • Trading for excitement & thrill not for profits.
  • Trading with money you can’t afford to loss.
  • Tired of making losses.
  • Always blame on luck.

Smart Trader Golden Rules

  • Divide risk in equal parts.
  • Come prepared with a trading plan.
  • Don’t expect profit on every trade.
  • Trade only active & high volume stocks.
  • Always have market news & knowing when to buy and when to sell.
  • First thing & then trade with trading plan.